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From Raw to Ready
While You Travel


CHILI • STEW…and so much more!

The A.T. Hotbox is the new way to eat
no matter the destination…

A HOT Meal On the Go

…no matter your method
of travel…and

More Options than You Ever Expected!

Ever wanted a hot meal in the middle of nowhere
but didn’t think it was possible?

Well, now you can…with the A.T. Hotbox!

home cooker

So, what is the A.T. Hotbox?

Food On The Go Done Right

It is similar to the slow cooker in your kitchen…with one major difference – it is the 21st Century upgrade to the old ways to cook/heat food while you travel.

What is the at hotbox
How Does It Work

How Does it Work?

The A.T. Hotbox plumbs into the machine’s bypass coolant line (or the heater line on your vehicle or semi truck).

As the motor runs, it circulates engine coolant through the specially designed stainless coil to temperatures not only hot enough to heat, but to also COOK your food safely while you travel.


In Their Own Words

You Didn’t Know You Were Missing Out – Until Now

headshot john c
We have had our A.T. Hotbox only a couple of months and we have cooked chicken breast, stew, soup and heated up rolls and enjoyed hot pulled pork sandwiches in our A.T. Hotbox with plans to try many more options in the future. We didn’t know what we were missing out on until now.
John & Linda C., Missoula, MT
headshot taranna
On a chilly 30° day in the Blue Mountains…we have had hot scallop potatoes with left over pork roast. In 2.5 hours we enjoyed hot, steamy, and yummy goodness out of the hotbox – even from frozen! The food warms our bones and we can’t wait to try more.
Taranna P., Oregon
Tim & Kiersten England
These A.T. Hotboxes are the BEST!!! We have them in four of our semi trucks.
Our drivers get to eat a hot home cooked meal instead
of truck stop food. They are a must have.
Tim & Kiersten England, TECE Trucking, Missoula, Montana
Absolutely love my A.T. Hotbox, works amazing and allows for way more trail food options, less work, faster eating and more time for riding without eating cold PB&J…..easy to install and beyond phenominal customer service – would recommend to anyone.
Stick Bob, Kentucky

Are You Ready to Improve
Your Travel Experience?

Changing the way you recreate and travel

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A.T. Hotbox

The pack includes what you need to make your outdoor experience even better.*

Cooker Dimensions:
14 5/8″L x 8 1/2″W x 8 1/2″H

less than 13 lbs.


$479.99Select options

*The bundle pack includes a standard installation kit to fit most recreation vehicles. Due to different makes, models, types of machines (recreation, off road and over the road), some installation kit parts may need to be purchased separately – contact us with questions.