The A.T. Hotbox does your cooking for you and is American Made and manufactured in Montana!

Whether your adventure takes you through the mountains, across the desert, into the sand dunes or across the country, you can have a nice hot meal as you are destination bound with the A.T. Hotbox by Rebel Heart Enterprises.

The A.T. Hotbox is the new way to cook, while you drive, no matter where you're headed!

After spending the day trekking through rugged terrain, you've worked up an enormous appetite. No need to start a fire or wait for your food to cook. With the A.T. Hotbox by Rebel Heart Enterprises, your meal will be fully cooked by the time you set up camp. Our products are made in Montana and available nationwide.

The A.T. Hotbox is the new way to eat no matter the destination, since it can be installed in any vehicle/machine with a 4 stroke motor. This includes for starters, UTVs, ATVs, Semi Trucks, Pleasure and Cross Country, construction, logging, jet skis, closed loop systems on boats. Bring it with you when you...

  • Go off-roading
  • Drive out to the ranch
  • Travel for work or leisure
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Chow Down On Your Favorite Foods

So, what exactly is the A.T. Hotbox? It's like the slow cooker in your kitchen with one major difference - it can cook and heat meals on the go, no electrical outlet or campfire required.

That means instead of eating:

  • Stale peanut butter crackers
  • A cold, meatless taco bowl
  • A bland PB&J sandwich
  • Tough beef jerky
  • Canned beans
You could chow down on:
  • Crunchy tacos or fajitas
  • Hot, hearty beef stew or chili
  • A flavorful pulled pork sandwich
  • A juicy steak
  • Freshly cooked BBQ
Investing in an A.T. Hotbox today allows you to enjoy ready to eat gourmet homemade meals every time you drive. Or, if you're short on time or ideas, leftovers and most ready to eat foods at the grocery store work great in a pinch.